The Power of Outstanding Outsourcing

Everybody, at some point or another needs outsourcing, either at home, for things such as emergency repairs, maintenance or home improvements or in business, to solve I.T issues, to keep on top of admin or to drive sales and take your brand to new heights.
In the Greater Birmingham area, there are plenty of both, with almost half a million homes and a rich and diverse business landscape but up until now, there’s been no dedicated local place to look to, no hub offering the best tradespeople, I.T specialists, Copywriters and Marketing professionals when they are needed the most.

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Blending Talent with Tools for Outstanding Outsourcing

Our expert outsourcing team delivers a blended selection of on-site and remote services to provide the people and businesses of Birmingham with the outsourcing solutions they need.

Our clients benefit from a range of local services, including comprehensive property maintenance packages, and access to our exclusive local network of mobile service representatives. Using our outsourcing services, you gain end-to-end solutions for tracking down subcontractors in and around the Birmingham area. Our flexible outsourcing team works with specialists both locally, and internationally, to empower you with the business support you need. 

Typical outsourcing needs include payroll, logistics, online marketing, and even video animation. Whatever your specialist outsourcing requirements, we can source a solution tailored to suit you.

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Property Maintenance Services

For homeowners, landlords and property agents across Birmingham, finding people you can trust to maintain, improve and repair your properties is easy at the Birmingham Hub. We have everyone you’ll ever need under one, local roof.

Our tradespeople, and our registered contractors can provide quick and easy quotes for almost any work you need to undertake, from Energy Performance Certificates and damp and timber reports, through to kitchen renovations, landscaping and electrical, gas and heating projects.

We have also worked hard to make the process as easy as possible; we receive your request, review it in real time and pass it straight to the best person for the job. They’ll either issue an online quote straight away, or arrange an on-site visit to better understand your needs.

Once all the details are collected and agreed upon, a detailed, competitive quote will be issued. You can authorise all jobs within the Birmingham Hub portal by selecting the ‘create new job’ tab.

They’ll head over to you and issue you with a competitive quote with our bespoke job management software. If you’re happy, then simply create the job in our online portal.

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